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OpenShiiva is deprecated, old and unsupported.
Take a look at DVDRemaster instead.

OpenShiiva is a fast and simple, single pass, video and audio, vob to mp4 converter. Some features:

The syncing is quite good. For those who remember the Finding Nemo trailer, it does it without problem. And it also auto-deinterlaces it very well. As far as I know, OpenShiiva is the only app able to sync on the fly (but since it is open sourced...)

Some quick notes about OpenShiiva:

Features OpenShiiva most probably won't support (look at MediaPipe for these kind of features):

OpenShiiva wouldn't exist without these librairies:

OpenShiiva is meant to give an alternative to other, closed source, commercial software. It is GPLed, giving back to the community. (If you can code, you can help, if you can't, you can help too - documentation and graphism).

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